Week 7 & 8, MLP

Hope recess week has been rejuvenating for everyone. There will be no training during Week 7 — all the best for midterms! Training will resume in Week 8. Saturday Bukit Timah trainings will also begin.

Quote of The Week
“The most memorable climbing experience is the one where you suffer the most.”
– Thomas Huber

The Huber brothers are known for many achievements. In 2009, they successfully free climbed Eternal Flame, a route that goes up the Nameless Tower, one of the Trango Towers in Pakistan. The route was first dreamt up by Kurt Albert and Wolfgang Gullich. The Huber brothers ascent is documented in this film.

Training Schedule for Week 7
Regular UTown Wall Sessions resume on Mondays and Wednesdays

Training Schedule for Week 8

Wednesday (10/03)
Time: 1830 – 2200
Location: UTown Rock Climbing Wall
Attire: PT attire with covered shoes
Ascending and Descending a Fixed Line (Jumaring and Abseiling 2)

Bring along all climbing equipment including prusiks, harness, slings, carabiners and belay device. If you do not currently have these, the club will provide! Prusik cords are a must though.

Thursday (11/03)
Time: 1830 – 2100
Location: MPSH 1
Route: 99 Bends

Saturday (13/03)
Time: 0830 – 1300
Location: Bukit Timah Hill
No. of Sets, Weight: 4/4/4, 6kg
Meet at Bukit Timah Visitor Centre by 0830

1. Please learn, practice and be competent at tying these knots and hitches: Munter hitch, Figure-8 (retraced and on a bight), alpine butterfly, bowline, water knot. Essentially, almost all of the remaining knots from the syllabus.

For emergencies, please update the team chat on Whatsapp, or inform Nathaniel.

Featured Image
All smiles going down, Bukit Timah Training, MIR 18 Summer Team.

On behalf of the MIR20 Committee,

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