MIR 19 ExCo

MIR 19 Executive Committee (AY19/20):


MIR 19 Club Functions:

Core Team

The Core Team, comprising the President, Vice Presidents and Secretary-Treasurer, is the key decision-making body of the club. We oversee and lead the various committees and functions, above and beyond standard operations such as the Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC) held each semester. Here’s more about us:

Wang Chiew Hui (Year 3 / Law)  President


As President of MIR 19, she oversees all operations pertaining to the club, and its stakeholders, including the alumni, school and the wider mountaineering community. Chiew Hui’s resume’s a little thick for this page, but she was part of the Kazakhstan 2018 TMC, and took her own mountaineering journeys further in an alumni trip to Imja Tse (Island Peak) in Nepal in the summer of 2019, followed by an unguided, unsupported expedition to the Southern Alps in December the same year (with her other three subordinates mates).

Nathaniel Soon (Year 2 / Yale-NUS) – Vice President, AdministrationNathaniel

As VP of Administration, Nathaniel oversees the Publicity & Outreach, and Projects & Development committees, while taking charge of the core administrative functions of TMCs and the developmental goals of the club. Basically, he cares about one thing, and one thing only – making the club look cool. Nathaniel was the Team Leader for the Winter 2018 TMC (Tserko Ri, 5740m) and furthered his mountaineering pursuits in the Southern Alps in December 2019.


Gawain Pek (Year 2 / Yale-NUS)  Secretary-Treasurer

Gawain’s title doesn’t do him justice as he wears many hats as Secretary-Treasurer of MIR. On top of overseeing the Logistics committee, he is also the Wall Supervisor for MIR’s climbing sessions, and manages the finances of the club. Gawain was the Team Leader for the Summer 2019 TMC (Baden-Powell Scout Peak, 5825m) and furthered his mountaineering pursuits in the Southern Alps in the same year. Legend.


Goh Jin Hao (Year 2 / Science) – Vice President, Training

As VP of Training, Jin Hao oversees the physical and technical training of TMC teams, and ensures they are well-equipped for their course trips. He was part of the Winter 2018 TMC himself, and similarly furthered his journey in the Southern Alps of New Zealand in December 2019.

Projects & Development Team

This is perhaps the most multi-faceted committee! P&D takes charge of MIR’s developmental projects, with a keen focus on community engagement within and outside of NUS. These include the Khumbu Education Fund initiative and overseas trips throughout the year, amongst others.

Publicity & Outreach Team

This is the HQ for all things creative. Forget TNF videos – the P&O team will ensure you’re well-enticed to join us for your next mountaineering adventure. Apart from managing Our Stories and MIR’s media and communication platforms, the team helps with MIR’s outreach efforts such as during the NUS Student Life Fair.


Natalie Soh (Year 3 / Medicine) – Director, Publicity & Outreach

Not only will Natalie probably out-run you, she’s also behind the recent slew of cool MIR videos you may have come across on our platforms. She was part of the Summer TMC 2019 team.


Han Ruobing (Year 3 / Medicine) 

Assisting Natalie is Ruobing, who was part of the Winter TMC 2018 team. Ruobing’s love for the mountains and his TMC experience will certainly rub off on you. He’s part of the Training Team as well.

Training Team

We know that for most of us, our first foray into mountaineering may seem like an unnerving experience. Which is why our Training team is here, by your side, to guide you and prepare you for your TMC. Of course, that’s not all – the diverse and deep skills held by our team offers great expertise for you to tap on!

SamSamuel Sng (Year 3 / Medicine)

Having been part of the Winter TMC 2017 team, Samuel heard his calling to come back to serve the ExCo. A beautiful man who continues striving for self-improvement, he headed to Sichuan in December 2019 for ice-climbing. He’s always got your back!

Minh Anh

Nguyen Minh Anh (Year 4 / Business)

Minh Anh’s always up for a greater challenge. Having first joined MIR’s Gunung Datuk day trip, she went on be part of the Kazakhstan TMC 2018 team, and headed to Longdong, Taiwan for her SNCS Level 3 and Rock 1 courses. What an inspiration!

TAi Ker

Teoh Tai Ker (Year 2 / Arts and Social Sciences)

The other half of the power couple – Tai Ker is not just a cute face, he was the Team Leader for his Kazakhstan TMC 2018. He also just returned from putting his multi-pitch and trad climbing skills into practice in the crags of Longdong, Taiwan.


Grace Lam (Year 2 / Arts and Social Sciences)

With a big heart for the community, Grace will always be sure to lend you a listening ear throughout your journey with us. She was part of the Winter TMC 2018 team.

Logistics Team

The most important committee, some would argue. Without equipment and sound maintenance, forget about climbing mountains – you ain’t gonna be able to take your first step at all. The Logistics team forms the backbone of the club, always working tirelessly behind the scene to ensure our expeditions are the best-supported, and keeping the club fresh and well-equipped! Here’s the heroes we’re proud to have:


Leow Wei Sheng (Year 2 / Computing) – Director, Logistics

Don’t be deceived by his face, Wei Sheng, aka Cat in a Hat, decides if you summit or not. That’s cos nothing involving the club’s equipment goes unnoticed by him. Wei Sheng was part of the Winter 2018 TMC team, and is assisted by a dynamic duo.

Keith Nonis (Year 2 / SciencKEITH NONISe) – Thing 1

Some say if you’re feeling strong, you’d be part of a TMC – like Keith was, as part of the Summer 2019 TMC team. But if you were really really strong, you’d head to Nepal another time in the exact same year – which was what he did, with his dad, to Everest BC in December, the same year. What a lad.


Corey Chew (Year 2 / Science) – Thing 2

Not only is he undoubtedly MIR’s best driver, Corey’s definitely Mr. Reliable, who’d get anything done, regardless how tough or demanding. He was also part of the Summer 2019 TMC team.

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