MIR 20 ExCo

MIR 20 Executive Committee (AY 2020 / 2021)

Photo taken before Covid-19 was a thing.

  • (Front Row) Gawain Pek (Vice President), Nathaniel Soon (President), Leow Wei Sheng (Vice President)
  • (Back Row) Bryan Chong, Charmaine Tan, Ophelia Ong, Walter Kong, Chong Yong, Wang Chiew Hui

Our Responsibilities:

Development (IC: Gawain)

  • Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC) Trainings and Syllabus (IC: Gawain)
  • Training (including ExCo)  (IC: Gawain, Chong Yong)
  • Community Expedition Support (IC: Nat, Gawain)

Operations (IC: Wei Sheng)

  • Logistics and Gear Maintenance (IC: Wei Sheng, Walter)
  • Wall Operations (IC: Nat, Ophelia)
  • Finances (IC: Nat, Wei Sheng)

Engagement (IC: Chiew Hui)

  • Publicity and Communications (IC: Chiew Hui, Charmaine)
  • Outreach Projects (IC: Ophelia, Bryan)
  • Alumni & Family Engagement (IC: Nat, Chiew Hui)

Special Projects

  • MIR 20th Anniversary Celebrations (Team: Joel, Nicholas, Chiew Hui, Nat & Gawain)

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