MIR 21 ExCo

MIR 21 Executive Committee (AY21/22)

Front row (left to right): Kang Tanya, Bryan Lim, Teoh Jing Yang , Natalia Tan

Back row (left to right): Er Qi Yang, Chia Jue Xuan, Tan Xin Li, Lam Yik Yi

Our roles and responsibilities:

President: Jing Yang

Development (Vice President: Xin Li)

  • Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC) trip planning (IC: Xin Li, Jing Yang, Tanya)
  • TMC Physical Training (including ExCo)  (IC: Jue Xuan)
  • Indiahikes trip planning (IC: Jue Xuan, Natalia)

Operations (Vice President: Qi Yang)

  • TMC Technical Training (including ExCo) (IC: Qi Yang, Yik Yi, Bryan)
  • Logistics and Gear Maintenance (IC: Qi Yang, Yik Yi, Bryan)
  • Wall Operations (IC: Qi Yang, Jing Yang)
  • Finances (IC: Jing Yang, Qi Yang)

Engagement (Vice President: Natalia)

  • Publicity and Communications (IC: Natalia, Tanya, Bryan)
  • Outreach Projects (IC: Natalia, Tanya, Jue Xuan)
  • Alumni & Family Engagement (IC: Natalia, Jing Yang)

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