MLP, Week 9

This week, a small spotlight seems to have been shone on Singapore’s climbing scene. EpicTV released a film following Tobias Diedler’s experience route-setting in Singapore. The much-awaited Alpinist issue 73, featuring an article by Joel on climbing in Singapore and MIR’s founding, was also sent out to readers across the globe this week. Something for us in the club to be proud of!

Quote of the Week
“You realise you may be extremely well taken care of and protected back home, but something inside has not quite blossomed yet. It is only after taking this first step that you would find your own niche, passion and happiness.” – Dr Robert Goh

Dr Robert Goh is one of the founders of the club and leader of the 2002 Xixabangma Expedition (alpine ascent). His other ascents include reaching the South Pole in 2000 and Cho Oyu in 2004, amongst others. Having joined the Imperial College Mountaineering Club where he learnt to climb from seniors and peers there, Robert and his team took a chance and helped set up MIR here in NUS back in 2001.

Training Schedule for Week 9

Time: 1830 – 2200
Location: UTown Rock Climbing Wall
Attire: PT attire with covered shoes
Jumaring past Obstacles

OK you all know the drill: Bring along all climbing equipment including prusiks, harness, slings, carabiners and belay device. If you do not currently have these, the club will provide! Prusik cords are a must though.

Time: 1830 – 2100
Location: MPSH 1
Vigilante Hill x5

Time: 0900 – 1300
Location: Room opposite UTown Rock Climbing Wall
Attire: Comfortable attire (no intense physical activity, but maybe some moving of stuff around)
Equipment, Layering and Logistics

1. Please learn and be able to tie the water knot independently by Wednesday!

For emergencies, please update the team chat on Whatsapp, or inform Nathaniel.

Featured Image
Blast from the Past: MIR 2’s work of art, New Zealand TMC, December 2002.

On Behalf of the MIR20 Committee,

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