Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC)


The Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC) is NUS Mountaineering’s flagship programme, and what MIR members will undergo at the beginning of their journey. Going for the TMC is like attending an orientation to the world of mountaineering – you will get introduced to the various equipment and technical skills essential in negotiating alpine terrain and summitting a peak.

We recruit our new members at the start of each Academic Year and they eventually form the MIR batch for the year. There are 2 teams each year – Winter and  Summer. If you wish to join any of these trips, drop us a message on Facebook, or email us at Or just drop by one of our trainings, of which the schedule can be found HERE.

TMC in Langtang Valley, Nepal


We usually do our TMC in Langtang Valley, which is near the border of Nepal – Tibet.

Trekking Phase: 8 Days up (inclusive of acclimatization); 4 Days Down.

Base Camp phase: 7 days (inclusive of Summit Push).

Course Contents:

  • Ascend (Jumar), Descend (Abseil) and Traversing on a fixed line.
  • Knots & Rope work.
  • Familiarization of crampons techniques (flat footing, traversing on different terrain, front point technique).
  • Self-Arrest on different terrain.
  • Usage of Ice Axe/Ice Screw/Snow Picket.
  • Glacier Travel Technique and Crevasse Rescue (C-Pulley & Z-Pulley).
  • Top-Rope Ice-Climbing.
  • Summit of 5800-6000m peak.

(Aug – Dec)
Training for Winter team + a 21 Days trip in Nepal/India, and a summit of 5800-6000m. Cost is about $3000-4000*

(Jan – May)
Training for Summer team + a 21 Day trip in Nepal/India, and a summit of 5800-6000m. Cost is about $3000-4000*

Here is a brief overview of the area. Syabrubesi, Lama Hotel and Kyanjin Gompa are just a few of the guest houses you would be resting in during the trekking phase. Peaks that we have climbed thus far in this region are Yala, Tserko, Scout Peak, and Naya Kanga. All within the 5600-5900m range.


*inclusive of flights and dependent on the equipment you lack and have to purchase. Additional R&R and some details on the trip are flexible.

Training Requirements

Technical Lessons

Team members are required to come down for training sessions and technical lessons in the semester that they are going for TMC, but are also highly recommended to join in during their off-season. We will have 6/7 Theory lessons that are compulsory for team members and it will be on a Monday/Wednesday at the Utown Rock Wall.

Physical Training

We train 4 times a week, on Tuesdays (individual runs), Wednesdays (Technical sessions – theory & practical), Thursdays (staircase runs + calisthenics) and Sundays (Bukit Timah staircase training with loads from 6kg – 20kg). Every week except recess week and reading week. Intensity of training increases gradually. Attendance will be taken, requirement for Physical Training is 80% attendance.

MIR Challenge

Training will culminate in a MIR Challenge. The MIR Challenge is a biannual tradition of the club that acts as a rite of passage to welcome the new members into the MIR community. The challenge will tests everything from the technical theories learnt as well as physical conditioning.

Participants who fail severely will be barred from equipment rental.


TMC is a stepping stone for further alpine pursuits, an induction into the community of mountaineers. The TMC, in collaboration with MIR, is a comprehensive package. MIR helps each and every member of the team prepare for the TMC. These includes physical training to strengthen our body and increase our stamina, theory lessons on mountaineering equipment and knots, and practical lessons on mountaineering skills such as ascending and abseiling.

The dedicated committee of MIR trains each team, and ensures that each member is competent enough with all the relevant skills and physical competence before going for the grueling TMC.

The TMC itself will be tough. Beyond the technical know-hows and good physical fitness, one needs a strong mind.


Take the first step to discover something that will become a part of who you are.

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