Equipment Rental

Last updated by MIR 19 Logistics Committee, 9 September 2019.

MIR club members and alumni may rent club equipment for their expeditions. The procedure following the Equipment Rental Process for MIR 19 is as laid out below:

Equipment Rental and Return Hours: You may drop by physically on Mondays or Wednesday, 7pm – 9pm @ the UTown Rock Wall. Rental and return outside these hours will NOT be permitted. If you are absolutely unable to meet these times, please contact the contact email below.

Rental Eligibility: Only MIR members and alumni are eligible for rental of club equipment. MIR members constitute ONLY graduates of the MIR Technical Mountaineering Course (TMC). If you are not a member but wish to rent our equipment eventually, do join us for the TMC!

Rental Terms: The terms for rental are as follows.

  1. Equipment is rented out on a deposit and a fee based on the types of equipment rented (refer to deposit and fee table below). The deposit will be refunded upon the return of the rented equipment.
  2. The MIR 19 Executive Committee reserves the right to confiscate the deposit paid should the rented equipment be damaged, or require replacement. Costs exceeding the deposit amount shall be made up for by the renter. 
  3. At time of rental, a date of return has to be agreed upon between the logs committee and renter. This date shall be listed as the date of expiry.
  4. Equipment may only be rented for  up to two weeks from the date of rental. 
  5. Rental renewals are allowed. Renters wishing to renew rented equipment must bring all rented equipment during rental hours to allow verification of condition. Renewal will also incur fresh rental fees.
  6. late fee of SGD$10.00 per week will be incurred for failure to return/renew equipment rental past the agreed date of return.
  7. Upon successful rental, a loan slip will be issued by the MIR 19 Logs Committee to the renter via email.
  8. Waitlists will be formed for equipment with high demand. Equipment with waitlists will not be eligible for renewal from the previous renter.
  9. The MIR 19 Logistics or Executive Committee reserves the right to apply specific rental terms for each case of equipment rental.
  10. The MIR 19 Logistics Committee reserves the right to apply rental terms at the time of equipment return should the conditions of rental be significantly different from what was previously agreed upon. (Eg. Person returning, who is not the renter and having used the equipment as well, should rightfully submit rental fees but rental fees were initially waived.)

Equipment Rental Deposit and Fees: The following table lists the equipment deposit and rental fees.

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Long-Term Expedition, Extended Period and Mountaineering Gear Rental: For expedition / extended period rentals, please approach us via the contact email below.

Rental Fee Waivers: In recognition of their contribution and to promote a culture of climbing and mountaineering, rental fees will be waived for the following group of people: 

  • Preceding MIR ExCo (for one year after term of service)
  • Current MIR ExCo (during the term of service)
  • New TMC participants (for two semesters, including the semester pre-expedition)

Note: Deposit fees will still have to be submitted by these groups of people.

Final Notes:

  1. The MIR 19 Logistics Committee does its best to ensure all equipment are in safe, functioning condition. However, renters are to exercise their own due diligence and check that everything is in good order when drawing out equipment.
  2. The equipment of the club represents the hard work of many past batches. They are also expensive. Take care of them please.
  3. Equipment are to be returned in good condition. All renters are to report any damage or missing equipment to the MIR 19 Logistics Committee.
  4. The logistical needs of club events, activities and expeditions will be prioritised over ad-hoc rental. Rental requests will be rejected should the club require equipment to support these activities.
  5. The MIR 19 Logistics Committee reserves the right to call back any equipment out on rent should the need be required.

Please email us at for requests and enquiries.

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