Q: I am an NUS alumni. Can I join your trips?

A: Yes! We welcome you to join on our trips as long as you fulfil our training requirements, which can be found here and here.

Q: How much do the trips cost?

A: The cost varies depending on where you wish to go. Nepal TMC is between $3000-$4000, while Kazakhstan TMC is $2000-$2500. More details can be found here. As for our Overseas Adventures, they may be cheaper. Prices vary depending on the duration and location.

Q: I am an exchange student from overseas heading to NUS for a term. Can I still join your trips and the club?

A: Yes! We do welcome exchange students to our trainings and trips to liven up the community.

Q: How do I join the club?

A: Simply head on down to our training sessions! We update our schedule weekly.

Q: I would like to join your trips! However, I am neither an NUS student, staff or alumni. Can I still join?

A: Unfortunately not. We reserve our trips for members of the NUS community only.

Q: I would like to join your trips, but I already have my own training programme that clashes with yours and it is rigorous. Can I still join?

A: Unfortunately not. We require all participants of our trips to meet the requirements for our trainings.

Q: I cannot make it for trainings! Can I do make-up trainings on my own?

A: Feel free to train on your own if you cannot make it. However, we require all participants of our trips to meet the training attendance requirement of 80%.

Q: I wish to rent your equipment for my own trips. How do I go about doing so?

A: Equipment rental is only available for current MIR members and alumni. Please reach us at nusmountaineering@gmail.com or contact our Logistics IC Kelvin 81184125. Do note that our stores will have limited equipment during December/May period as these are when our trips are ongoing.

If you have any more queries, do reach out to us at nusmountaineering@gmail.com or our Facebook and Instagram.

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