Wall Matters

If you are an Alumni or ex-TMC member, we invite you to come down to the Wall at Utown every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm onwards to climb with us!

Alumni will act as mentors to new climbers at the wall. Objective is to introduce sport climbing to MIR members.

This excludes the main TMC teams on training.
Semester will be broken down into three phases:
– Weeks 2-4
Introduction to climbing, objectives are to impart basic climbing procedures and safe climbing.
– Weeks 4-10
Tackling of more advanced routes and confidence building
– Weeks 10-13
Exposure to more difficult routes etc.

Some rules:

  • No Certification: You can climb, but not belay
  • Level 1 Certification: You can climb, and top rope belay
  • Level 2 Certification: You can lead climb, lead belay
  • Alumni of the School: You have to be an Ex-MIR club member to climb. Please approach us for more information.
  • Ex-TMC but a student: Feel free to join us for a fee of $20/Semester.
  • Student but not TMC member: Feel free to join us for a fee of $20/Semester.
  • Current TMC member undergoing training: FREE

For current Members:

– Wall Supervisors and Assistants have to wear their tags all the time.
– Climbers have to sign in every session.
– MIR Alumni will have to wear the tag “MIR Instructors”, and your role will be climbing mentors for the new climbers.

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