MLP, Week 6

Hope everyone had a restful break! Note that PT is back on Thursdays next week, and Tech starts at 6.30pm from this week onwards.

Quote of the Week
“There are a dozen reasons for climbing, some bad, and I’ve used most of them myself. The worst are fame and money. Commonly people cite exploration or discovery, but that’s rarely relevant in today’s world. The only good reason to climb is to improve yourself.”
– Yvon Chouinard

Just this week, Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll solo-ed the Fitzroy Traverse. Most will recognise the outline of the Fitzroy Traverse by its resemblance with the design of Patagonia’s logo. Patagonia (the company) was founded by Chouinard himself, inspired by a trip he took with his friends (including Doug Tompkins, founder of The North Face) in 1968. The trip took them from Ventura, California to Patagonia down south, with the goal to climb Cerro Fitzroy. They eventually did, opening a new route up the peak. The film ‘Mountain of Storms’ tells this story!

Training Schedule for the Week

Time: 1830 – 2200
Location: UTown Rock Climbing Wall
Attire: PT attire with covered shoes
Ascending and Descending a Fixed Line (Jumaring and Abseiling 1)

Bring along all climbing equipment including prusiks, harness, slings, carabiners and belay device. If you do not currently have these, the club will provide! Prusik cords are a must though.

Time: 1830 – 2100
Location: MPSH 1
Long Kan Run

MIR Mini-Reunion / Team Bonding
Location: UTown Rock Climbing Wall
More details will be announced soon!

1. You must know how to tie the following knots on your own prior to Wednesday’s training: double fishermen’s, all three prusiks, girth hitch, clove hitch. Please make sure of this by practicing before then!

For emergencies, please update the team chat on Whatsapp, or inform Nathaniel.

Featured Image
Fu Ming putting his ice climbing skills to practice, Si Chuan, China. Photo by Lim Joel (MIR 17)

On behalf of MIR20 Committee,

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