Week 9

Good job on training so far! The intensity of training is starting to increase but you’ll also be able to see that your individual fitness has been improving! 🙂

Quote of the week: “It is not our natural tendency to value struggle over success, a worldview that climbing sternly enforces. Embracing struggle for its own sake is an important step on your path. Incremental vacillations in your self—your physical and mental selves—are exquisitely revealed in practicing ascent. There is no end to your progress or your process.” – Steve House

Timing: 1830 – 2200
Location: UTown Rock Wall
Activity: Jumar 2

Timing: 1845 – 2100
Location: MPSH 1
Activity: 99 bends + Calisthenics

Timing: 1845 – 2100
Location: MPSH 1
Activity: Vigilante Hill + Calisthenics

Timing: 0845 – 1300
Location: Bukit Timah Hill
Activity: 6/6/6(sets) 16kg(weight)

Please RSVP if you are coming for training.

In case of emergencies, please contact Jin Hao (92368214) or Chiew Hui (98415583).

Jin Hao
MIR19 Vice President (Training)

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