MIR 17’s Story

The goal this Academic Year (17/18) was to establish better connections with our seniors and to improve the cohesiveness of each TMC team. We carried on the torch from MIR 16, kept the current format of TMC going and did our best to make training sessions more enticing and fun.

We are held together by the people who have walked this journey year after year. Every team remembers their journey together starting from the MPSH. To facilitate this journey, our dedicate team have spent many hours ensuring that the learning process is done right. We tailored just enough suffering for everyone to build resilience, and technical know-how to keep themselves alive at 5800m.  Two and a half Semesters later, we have trained 3 teams and made many new friends. Hopefully we have done this part right, and our annual MIR Reunion will see more new faces for years to come.

MIR 17 is here because of those who have came before us. Reconnecting with our founders and seniors over the course of this year has been eye opening for many of us. Many new members would have drawn inspiration from the sharing session during the MIR Reunion this February. We are thankful to all who have contributed to the Club continuously and hope you guys continue to support the ExCo for years to come.

Let us acknowledge the the outgoing ExCo members:

Nicholas, who has been everywhere the club needed him throughout the whole year, sweating it out, making sure every team was cohesive, and coming up with new and creative routines for the team. Without which, each team would not have been as united as they are today. Asyraf, who has given valuable input from his experience back in SP and was dedicated when it came to ensuring each team’s competency and level of grit/suffering (to ensure Nic walked in his own shoes). Henry, an unsung hero who has always selflessly contributed to the club, to lead training when needed, help out technical sessions and even doing the laundry for the teams however un-glamorous it may seem, to which we (ExCo and teams) are all extremely appreciative of. Aik Leng, whom we always seek climbing and equipment opinions from, consistently helping us at the Wall and leading for Jumar sessions at Dairy Farm. Your timely insights have always been appreciated, and happy Graduation. Hui En, who has been helping us at the technical sessions and trainings, spending invaluable time attending talks with our seniors, cleaning out stores at MPSH and Utown, going down to purchase detergent for the equipment and helping out at all our events. We appreciate the effort to contribute despite the challenging work load in school. Charmaine, our project director who has given us this year’s Club shirt, stickers, supporting our Make Love Real project and Student Life Fair even during the holidays, big thanks for being active overseas during the holidays. Yixiang, the Vice-President who has sacrificed time to ensure our accounting with Sports Club has been done right, making sure everything was straight administratively and spent his time attending meetings with the school for the club, for the Second year in a row.

Big thanks to everyone, we all sacrificed a lot of time, cancelled plans, neglected work, or rushed work, skipped dinners, pangseh-ed friends, spent extra on transport, lost sleep, and much more during this journey to ensure the success of every TMC team. I am sure the 3 teams, and the seniors who have seen us, would have had fond memories of their time in the club because of all of our combined effort.

This year, we have separated ourselves from the NUS Sports Club and established our independence as an interest group in the school. MIR18’s Committee will take shape soon, and they have plans to make changes to the current TMC package. We wish them all the best in their journey.



Here is a walk down memory lane.

1The inspirational re-connection with Mr Kim Boon and Mr Edwin Siew.

1We started this AY with the usual orientation hike from Bukit Timah to MacRitchie.

2Started training the Winter Team in August.

3Met up with seniors from MIR 6 to understand more on the history of the club.

4Officially sworn in as the new committee of NUS Mountaineering in September.

5Met up with legends of MIR in October and discussed the Khumbu education fund.

6Had our first formal dinner as an EXCO.

8Having met up with SUTD for the first Kazakhstan trip in August, we made the effort to have a combined training session this Semester.

9Remember the Khumbu Education Fund? We rose quite a sum in November with our Dairy Farm Climb!

10The Winter Team ended their Season with MIR challenge.

11Reconnected with even more Seniors at the end of this Semester 🙂

Start of a new year, start of a new semester, and a new Summer team was created.

14Heard about the origins of the club from one of the initial team members, Stefen Chow.

15Finally a large enough crowd to be called a true reunion.

16Make Love Real started in 2008, 10 years down, here we are at it again!

18An initiative from the school to foster a community of outdoor enthusiasts in NUS.

20A second training session with SUTD.

21Dr Kumaran gave the Summer team a short sharing on Altitude sickness.

23The Summer Team completes their MIR challenge!

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-09 at 13.46.20.jpegKazakhstan Team’s Bukit Timah training with our SUTD counterparts!

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