Week 12


(Sorry for the late post!!)

We’ll be climbing/jumaring at Dairy Farm this weekend so let’s hope for good weather!!! Remember to bring along all your climbing gear (you should’ve received them by now).

3 more PTs left WOOHOO let’s make it count!!

Training Plan:

Tuesday 10 APR 18
Training Plan: 99TURNS loop
Time to meet: 1830 (Starts 1845 sharp)
Expected end time: 2030
Venue to meet: MPSH

Thursday 12 APR 18
Training Plan: MURPH
Time to meet: 1830 (Starts 1845 sharp)
Expected end time: 2000
Venue to meet: MPSH
Attire: PT attire, comfortable running shoes

Sunday 15 APR 18
Training Plan: Climbing at Dairy Farm
Time to meet: 0800
Expected end time: 1130
Venue to meet: Hillview MRT
Attire: PT attire, climbing/running shoes, climbing equipment

Training will carry on in spite of rain. A suitable wet-weather plan will be executed in place of the original training plan.
For any queries, please contact Joel @ 9637 8071 or Nicholas @ 9145 4935

Training I/C

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