MLP – MIR Challenge

Details of MLP MIR Challenge:

  • Date: 17 April 2021 (Saturday). Countdown here.
  • Time: Meet punctually at 0800hrs. MIR Challenge will officially end by noon time, and community lunch is provided after.
  • Meeting Venue: Base of Casa Clementi Blk 425 (here)
  • Attire: Blue MIR shirt, shorts and proper covered shoes (as per Bukit Timah Hill trainings)
  • Bring:
    • Bag with total load of 10kg. All bags will be weighed prior, so ensure the weight is strictly abided by. Any severe over- or under-load will result in team penalties.
    • The weight MUST include ALL your technical equipment – including harness, carabiners, accessory chords, belay device.

Some pointers:

  • MIR Challenge is a team-based challenge, thus everyone will contribute to your team’s performance. It will be an opportunity to work together and harness each other’s strengths while supporting each others’ weaknesses.
  • The challenge will comprise physical, technical and knowledge components. It will be on familiar ground, so prepare adequately. You should be very well acquainted with everything you’ve learnt throughout MLP. All resources are available on our website itself, especially here. Everything you have been taught, including knots, jumar and abseil, physical training principles, layering, roping up and crevasse rescue and MIR’s basic operations should be at your fingertips.
  • Ultimately, this is a CHALLENGE BY CHOICE. You are allowed to sit out at any point if you are unwell or recovering from injury. Do not be unwise about your physical state. Should you sit out for legitimate reasons, do not worry – we will simply discount your participation for a particular station from the team’s challenge.

We will be having lunch together and celebrating our 20th Anniversary book launch directly after MIR Challenge, so do stay around from 1pm-9pm if you would like. We look forward to welcoming all of you through this rites-of-passage that would also mark the end of your Mountaineering Leadership Programme (MLP) this semester!


On behalf of MIR 20 EXCO

Featured photo: Celebration (‘MIR woosh’) after MIR Challenge for Winter TMC 2018 team

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