MLP, Week 5

Welcome to MIR and to the MLP team! We are excited to get started on the rest of the semester’s training, and we hope you are too.

Training schedule for the Week

Timing: 1830 – 2100
Location: MPSH 1
YIH Loop x3 + Calisthenics

Timing: 1845 – 2200
Location: UTown Rock Climbing Wall
Attire: PT attire with covered shoes

1. On Tuesday, we will be sharing more about training for mountaineering. Before then, do spend some time hearing it from Michael (MIR 18 VP for Training) here.
2. All participants MUST come on Wednesday, already familiar with the knots, hitches and prusiks required for training. Focus specifically on: double fishermen’s, all three prusiks, girth hitch, clove hitch. These are instrumental to Wednesday’s training. The rest are still necessary, but we will practice and become competent at them along the way.
3. The overall programme schedule can be found here. Attendance is compulsory for all dates. If you are unable to attend any of the trainings, please raise it to the committee and exemptions will be made on a case-by-case basis!
4. Alpinism, expeditions. Why does a Mountaineering Club rock climb so much?! What is mountaineering? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, read this! [PS: this article is written quite academically, not the most accessible. Meant as a conversation-starter, if you do read it!]

Quote of the Week
“That’s kind of a unique thing. In a team of two, anytime you have a small doubt, even if you don’t talk to your partner about it, just the fact that he is there, or pushing beside you, or doesn’t react to the same doubts—it is all a support system that makes it easier. By yourself you can’t rely on that.”
– David Lama

David Lama solo-ed the first ascent of Lunag Ri (6895m) in 2018. Unfortunately, he died in an avalanche incident while climbing a new route on Howse Peak in the Rockies with Jess Rosskelly and Hansjörg Auer. Watch his Lunag Ri solo here.

Featured Image
MIR 17 Summer TMC Team, MIR Challenge.

Have a restful weekend, and see you all next week!

On behalf of MIR20 Committee,

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