Week 8

Hi everyone! hope midterms was alright for everyone 🙂 we are back in full swing with training so remember to “stretch, eat, sleep”!!!

Winter TMC participants please indicate your attendance for the different training sessions at our NUSync event page

*There’s an error on NUSync, technical training is on Monday not Tuesday, refer below*

Quote of the week:

“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”

— Newt Gingrich



Training Plan:

Monday 08 October 18
Training Plan: Jumar 1
Time to meet: 1830
Expected end time: 2130
Venue to meet: Utown rockwall
Attire: PT attire, comfortable running shoes

Tuesday 09 October 18
Training Plan: Long Kang Run
Time to meet: 1830 (Starts 1845 sharp)
Expected end time: 2030
Venue to meet: MPSH
Attire: PT attire, comfortable running shoes

Thursday 11 October 18
Training Plan: 6-7km Run
Time to meet:  1830 (Starts 1845 sharp)
Expected end time: 2030
Venue to meet: MPSH
Attire: Casual wear

Saturday 13 October 18
Training Plan: Bukit Timah Hill (6-6-6, 12/15kg)
Time to meet: 0830 (Starts 0845 sharp)
Expected end time: 1200
Venue to meet: Bukit Timah Hill Visitor Centre
Attire: PT attire, comfortable trekking shoes
Weight of your backpacks are stated above in brackets under training plan.
You can use water bottles, sacks of rice/sand and books as weights.
Bottle weights can be filled at Bukit Timah.

Training will carry on in spite of rain. A suitable wet-weather plan will be executed in place of the original training plan.
For any queries, please contact Micheal @ 9619 9635 or Nicholas @ 9145 4935

Vice President (Training)

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