MLP, Week 2

Finally, trainings are resuming! A note for the seniors: in place of a TMC, we have structured a Mountaineering Leadership Programme (MLP) as a way for new members to learn the ropes. Just in case anyone is confused!

This week’s session will be an easy one, and is an open session for all to join. Here are the details:

Timing: 1845 – 2100
Location: MPSH 1
Engine Loop x 2 + Calisthenics

For questions or emergencies, please contact Chong Yong (98169932) or join our Telegram group here.

Quote Of The Week
“My point is that in order to climb anything worthwhile you’re going to need to put the time in. This should not be a surprise. But what might be is how satisfying it is when you realize the returns.”
– Chris Wright
[Read about Wright’s 2019 first ascent of Link Sar here and his reflections on trainings here.]

Featured Image
Glow on Mt. Sefton with Mt. Cook in the background, New Zealand. Photo by Nathaniel Soon.

See you all!

On behalf of the MIR20 Committee,

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