Wall Updates (7 Feb 2018)

Hi guys, business at the Wall is as usual. A few changes to take note:

– Wall Supervisors and Assistants have to wear their tags all the time.
– Climbers have to sign in every session.
– MIR Alumni will have to wear the tag “MIR Instructors”, and your role will be climbing mentors for the new climbers.
– The Wall usage will now have a structured program for new climbers, you need to know what program this is about.

MIR Climbing Program:
Alumni will act as mentors to new climbers at the wall. Objective is to introduce sport climbing to MIR members.

This excludes the main TMC teams on training.
Semester will be broken down into three phases:
– Weeks 2-4
Introduction to climbing, objectives are to impart basic climbing procedures and safe climbing.
– Weeks 4-10
Tackling of more advanced routes and confidence building
– Weeks 10-13
Exposure to more difficult routes etc.

This program is in place to ensure that the Alumnus climbing at the wall are contributing to the club and value-adding to students who have paid for usage of the Wall.

This program is our solution so that Alumnus will still be able to climb. Do take note of the changes so that we are on the same page. Also, if there are new comers, do help them out and usher them in to the MIR family.


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