Roping Up

How To

Roping up requires participants to employ the figure 8 retrace, and the alpine butterfly knots.

First and Last Person

  • Coil 10 Metres of rope.
  • Wrap the rope and secure with a thumb knot.
  • Tie an Alpine Butterfly 6 inches away from the Thumb Knot.
  • Secure Alpine Butterfly and Thumb Knot on to the harness with 2 individual carabiners.


The Alpine butterfly knot transfers the weight of any fall on to the harness, instead of tugging on the coil of the rope. This way, the load is not on the torso which may cause the person to fall over.

Everyone else

The distance between each team member should be approximately 10 metres. Team members in between are to be clipped on the rope via an Alpine butterfly loop.


Rope Coiling

  • No stepping on a rope. Sharp particles into and through the sheath. Over time, the particles act like tiny knives that slice the rope’s nylon filaments. When you are wearing crampons, you must be doubly careful about keeping off the rope, because a misstep could damage the rope. Crampons may damage the core of a rope without leaving any visible gash on the sheath. When climbing in tropical weather we use groundsheets to protect ropes from sands/dusts.
  • Do not put the ropes near chemicals (especially acids) or other compounds that might damage the rope.
  • Coil the ropes nicely after use.

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