Jumaring & Extended Abseiling

Ascending with Jumar and extended abseiling

Before participants are allowed to do the full run of Jumar-ing and abseiling. Knots lessons as well as a dry run must be conducted.
Equipments required: Harness, 2 slings, 4 HMS Carabiners, 2 Prusiks (1 long, 1 short), Ascender and belay device.


Key Points:
– Sling must have offset.
– Loop from the top carabiner must not be loaded.
– Leg loop is tied with kleimheist, and attached to sling above the loop.
– Important to ascend with enough carabiners, belay device and short prussik.
– When crossing anchors, use the sling on the leg loop to anchor on.
– Once anchored, then can you swap your ascender on to the next rope.

Extended Abseiling

Key Points:

Autobloc is tied correctly.
– It is clipped to belay loop.
– Ensure it bites on to rope, check before removing safety sling.

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