This first section will cover the equipment that members are required to purchase. Following that will be the equipment from the club’s store.


There are generally two kinds of harnesses to choose from. The sport and the alpine harness.

Alpine Sport
Light Extra padding for comfort
Able to release quickly Have to be slipped over clothing
Cheaper Better for indoor gyms

Belay Device

There are many kinds of belay devices on the market, from the Figure 8, to the ATC, and the auto belay devices like the Gri Gri. For TMC’s purpose the ATC device is best suited as it allows for smooth abseiling and also general purpose climbing.belay.jpg


There are alpine-styled backpacks that are lightweight and have minimal features. On the other hand there are heavier more feature-rich packs that are available too. The volume of the backpacks we recommend for TMC would be 65-75 litres depending on your preference. Important things to look out for would be the adjustable back rest that some models have and also a good waist strap that can offload to weight to your hips. Look out for gear loops that can store the ice axe and the snow stake that are issued to you. We recommend a 40-45l summit pack if you can afford it but if not, emptying your backpack for the summit push works too.

Sewn Sling & Carabiners

Slings generally come in two materials, Dyneema and Nylon. Dyneema is lighter more expensive, while Nylon is the heavier but cheaper. TMC members require 2 sewn slings at 120cm, and 4 HMS Screwgate Carabiners.

Sunglasses & Headlamps

Sunglasses should have lenses rated at CAT 4 which have light transmission ratings at 3%-8% suitable for intense sunshine for high mountains, glaciers and not for use when driving or on the road. Affordable ones can be found at decathlon. Headlamps should have a lumens rating of about 60-100. A headlamp’s fundamental purpose is to channel light to a target area. Headlamps are tested to determine how far (in meters) they can project usable light. While lumens tell you how brightly a headlamp glows (at its source), headlamp beam distance tells you how far it goes (to a surface you want illuminated).
This section will cover the equipment that will be rented out to TMC members. It is a privilege to be a part of this team and take care of the equipment issued is of the utmost importance. These equipment have been either donated by seniors or purchased by the school and it is every team’s responsibility to ensure that they are kept in good condition for the future batches.

Crampons & Gaiters

Crampons are rated according to the number of points.

Activity Points
Glacier/General Mountaineering 8-10
Technical Mountaineering 12
Waterfall/mixed climbing 14+

We issue out 12 point crampons to all our participants.
The function of the gaiters is to seal the gap between the end of the trousers and the opening of the boots so that snow or ice will not get into your feet and get them wet.

Ice Axe/Tools, Snow Stakes and Ice Screws.

The ice axe is used for general arrest purposes and is not the same as the lighter ice tool that is used for ice-climbing. The curved shape of the handle differentiates the two. The snow stake on the other hand is used to build an anchor in the snow where the snowfall is deep enough. The ice screw would be used to build anchors in ice where the ice is strong enough. In TMC, we issue out Ice Axes and Snow Stakes to participants.

Helmet & Ascender (Jumar)

Helmets are essential when climbing, especially when loose rocks are insight. Ascenders are your best friend when climbing up steep inclines.

Down Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Pad

Sleeping bags we issue out are rated at different temperatures. Sleeping pads will also be provided as an additional layer of comfort.

Duffel Bag

Each TMC member will be issued a 120litre duffel bag to pack all of the equipment.

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