BAMC Training (Week 9)

Theme Of The Week
How can we prepare for the mountains?

Quote Of The Week
“It is difficult to imagine a sport without numbers, and many now classify mountaineering as sport. No doubt, there is excellent sport to be found in the hills, but is it merely sport? How do we excuse the common and horrifying presence of death in the mountains? Do we really accept it as part of a funny game and competition? I believe that the inner response that drives us onto the precipices and into danger has nothing to do with competition. As an activity, it expresses the classical opposition of the urge for self preservation and the need to test mortality. To feel in control of one’s fate spontaneously frees the spirit from mortal skin. While sensing these frontiers, a mountaineer experiences his greatest joy. How much of this is expressed in collecting numbers?” – Voytek Kurtyka

Timing: 1845 – 2100
Location: Casa Clementi
6(sets) 16kg(weight)

Timing: 1845 – 2100
Location: MPSH 1
99 Bends route + Calisthenics

Timing: 1845 – 2100
Location: MPSH 1
LT32 run + Calisthenics

Timing: 0830 – 1230
Location: Dairy Farm
Technical Training

In case of emergencies, please contact Jin Hao (92368214) or Chiew Hui (98415583).

Jin Hao
MIR19 Vice President (Training)

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