Recess Week

Hey everyone we will only be having one physical training this week as it is recess week so train hard and study hard!

Summer TMC participants please indicate your attendance for the different training sessions at our NUSync event page.

Quote of the week:

” Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all. “

–Nathan W. Morris

Training Plan:

Monday 25 February 2019 (only for TMC members)
Training Plan: Technical training
Time to meet: 1500
Expected end time: 1900
Venue to meet: Utown Rockwall
Attire: PT attire, comfortable running shoes + technical gear

Saturday 02 March 2019
Training Plan: Bukit Timah Hill (6-6-6, 10/12)
Time to meet: 0830 (Starts 0845 sharp)
Expected end time: 1200
Venue to meet: Bukit Timah Hill Visitor Centre
Attire: PT attire, comfortable trekking shoes

Training will carry on in spite of rain. A suitable wet-weather plan will be executed in place of the original training plan.
For any queries, please contact Micheal @ 9619 9635 or Nicholas @ 9145 4935

Vice President (Training)

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