An AY in Review

2 Semesters later, we have trained 2 teams and made many friends. Here is a walk down memory lane.

1We started this AY with the usual orientation hike from Bukit Timah to MacRitchie.

2Started training the Winter Team in August.

3Met up with seniors from MIR 6 to understand more on the history of the club.

4Officially sworn in as the new committee of NUS Mountaineering in September.

5Met up with legends of MIR in October and discussed the Khumbu education fund.

6Had our first formal dinner as an EXCO.

8Having met up with SUTD for the first Kazakhstan trip in August, we made the effort to have a combined training session this Semester.

9Remember the Khumbu Education Fund? We rose quite a sum in November with our Dairy Farm Climb!

10The Winter Team ended their Season with MIR challenge.

11Reconnected with even more Seniors at the end of this Semester 🙂

Start of a new year, start of a new semester, and a new Summer team was created.

14Heard about the origins of the club from one of the initial team members, Stefen Chow.

15Finally a large enough crowd to be called a true reunion.

16Make Love Real started in 2008, 10 years down, here we are.

18An initiative from the school to foster a community of outdoor enthusiasts in NUS.

20A second training session with SUTD.

21Dr Kumaran gave the Summer team a short sharing on Altitude sickness.

23The Summer Team completes their MIR challenge!

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